Crossroads Security Group

Dear Crossroads customers, we understand this is a challenging time for our community and our nation and we are sensitive to the uncertainties around the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Rest assured that we will continue to do our mission to protect and serve.  We ask that during this time of crisis please report any suspicious activities by calling us at 855-664-1513.  We encourage you to maintain awareness by following guidance about COVID-19 provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Indiana State Department of Health.  We too will closely engage with local and Federal sources for information and alerts that effect our communities and customers as this situation evolves.


Indiana State Department of Health:

Crossroads Security Group is an Indiana based safety and security solutions company. With a unique blending of public and private resources designed to enhance the safety and security of all our clients, we help bridge the gap from an existing “reactive” system to a “proactive” solution. We put all the safety and protective service resources at the fingertips of our clients.

We only employ off-duty certified law enforcement professionals. Our Officers have undergone extensive screening and training processes and are considered some of the best-trained law enforcement professionals in the area.

Officers are specifically selected for your security needs and are familiar with your area and are genuinely interested in becoming more engaged with the specific needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide the most secure and safest environment for all our clients.